Abandcalledrocketsurgery: Return

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Title: Return
Label: CD Baby

The album Return was written at a turning point in the author's life. Grateful for a second chance at life, like the subject depicted in Alex Grey's work, 'Journey of the Wounded Healer', the songwriter has written about the road of life and the twists and turns that unfold. 'Seventeen' tells the story of a young, well to do couple faced with too many choices and not enough life experience- gained quickly however through a long perilous fall-. "Starlight Radio" describes the internal struggles of a man beset by inner demons which torment his thinking on a daily basis, and the resolution of that struggle. Other tunes on the album, such as "Mr. PC", "Merlin's Theme", and "Beggar's Sonnet" exist as exercises in different elemental music styles and ranges in instrumentation, while songs such as "System Blues" and "Side of the Road" give a nod to that retro- late 60's/early seventies psychedelic vibe the artist draws upon so well. All in all the album is one of those rare items today: and actual concept album whose message is more contained in the entirety of it's listen, as opposed to the singular quick fix sound bite of download flavor of the month ear candy. This record isn't a snack- it's a feast. Return, by Abandcalledrocketsurgery.

1.1 Seventeen
1.2 Can't Say No
1.3 Side of the Road
1.4 Mr. PC
1.5 You Don't Know
1.6 Blue Plate Special
1.7 Merlin's Theme
1.8 Standing Here
1.9 System Blues
1.10 Beggar's Sonnet
1.11 Starlight Radio
1.12 Epilogue

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