Above & Beyond: Anjunabeats 100

Above & Beyond: Anjunabeats 100
Title: Anjunabeats 100
Label: Anjunabeats

'Above & Beyond Anjunabeats 100' is the culmination of the first vinyl century of one of the UK's most accomplished & unswerving independent dance labels. 3 DJs and 1000's of meticulous & painstaking A&R man-hours have brought Above & Beyond's brainchild Anjunabeats to the threshold of this 100th release compilation and bonus DVD. Over the last 8 years trance music's true artisans: Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, & Paavo Siljamäki have cultivated Anjunabeats from it's backroom beginnings to the apex of worldwide dance recognition. DJ Mag described Anjunabeats in 2008 as "the most consistent trance label in the world" and it's discography has engaged the playlists of pretty much every EDM DJ out there. Central to that success has been the forging of the oft-noted 'Anjunabeats sound'... Part of the label's DNA from the very start, it has rendered their releases instantly identifiable as 'an Anjuna track' to music lovers & diehard clubbers alike. Here in 2008 Above & Beyond themselves need very little introduction. 2 top 20 hits (including one under their OceanLab alias) and a mega-selling, hugely-praised debut album in the form of 'Tri-State' have firmly established them (to quote Pete Tong) as "the UK's new dance superstars". in addition to that they've remixed some of the world's most influential artists (including Madonna & Dido) and regularly DJ to stadium-sized audiences, most recently performing to an audience of 1 million on Barra Beach in Rio on New Year's Eve. In that process they have propelled themselves up the DJ rankings, breaking into the world's Top 10 in 2006 and taking them within touching distance of the coveted No.1 position.

1.1 Cara Dillon Vs. 2Devine \X{201C}Black Is the Colour\X{201D} (Coco ; Green Remix)
1.2 Super8 ; Tab \X{201C}Helsinki Scorchin\X{2019}\X{201D}
1.3 Above ; Beyond \X{201C}No One on Earth\X{201D}(Gabriel ; Dresden Club Mix)
1.4 Boom Jinx Feat. Key \X{201C}Eternal Reminiscence\X{201D}
1.5 Tranquility Base \X{201C}Razorfish\X{201D} (Above ; Beyond Progressive Mix)
1.6 Alt + F4 \X{201C}Alt + F4\X{201D}
1.7 Oceanlab \X{201C}Beautiful Together\X{201D}
1.8 Sunny Lax \X{201C}P.U.M.A.\X{201D}
1.9 Rusch ; Murray \X{201C}Epic\X{201D} (Above ; Beyond Remix)
1.10 Daniel Kandi \X{201C}Child\X{201D}
1.11 P.O.S. \X{201C}Summer Sun (Remember)\X{201D}
1.12 Nitrous Oxide \X{201C}North Pole\X{201D}
1.13 Aalto \X{201C}Rush\X{201D} (Super8 Vs Orkidea Remix)
1.14 Oceanlab \X{201C}Satellite\X{201D} (Original Above ; Beyond Mix)
1.15 Super8 \X{201C}Alba\X{201D}
1.16 Above ; Beyond \X{201C}Alone Tonight\X{201D}
2.1 Anjunabeats -Volume 1 [Anjuna Deep Remix]
2.2 David West Feat Andreas Hermansson \X{2013} Larry Mountains 54
2.3 Above ; Beyond Vs Andy Moor "Air for Life"
2.4 Aalto \X{2018}5\X{2019}
2.5 Maor Levi 'Reflect'
2.6 Signalrunners \X{2018}Aria Epica\X{2019} (Bart Claessen Remix)
2.7 Luminary \X{2018}Amsterdam\X{2019} (Smith ; Pledger Remix)
2.8 Endre 'Kallocain' (Robert Nickson Remix)
2.9 Oceanlab \X{201C}Clear Blue Water\X{201D} (Ferry Corsten Remix)
2.10 Smith ; Pledger \X{2018}Believe\X{2019} (Smith ; Pledger 2004 Remix)
2.11 Nitromethane 'Time to Die' (Seraque Remix)
2.12 Above ; Beyond Pres. Tranquility Base \X{201C}Surrender\X{201D}
2.13 Oceanlab \X{201C}Sky Falls Down\X{201D} (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
2.14 Jono Grant Vs. Mike Koglin \X{201C}Circuits\X{201D}
2.15 Matt Hardwick Vs Smith ; Pledger 'Day One' (Above ; Beyond Mix)
3.1 From Gao to Rio [DVD]

Above & Beyond: Anjunabeats 100

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