Abraham Barrera

Abraham Barrera: Nasser Trio

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Abraham Barrera

Title: Nasser Trio
Label: Urtext Records

A brilliant composer and an incredibly inspired and proficient jazz pianist, Abraham Barrera is a name to remember. Although his capacity for creation seems to know no boundaries and he composes and performs non-stop, he pours his soul in each project and it often becomes an obsessive journey in the search for his vision. This recording documents the collaboration of three of the most relevant jazzmen in Mexico's musical scene; along with Aarón Cruz, at the double Bass and Hernán Hecht at the drums, Barrera's music acquires a dimension of depth that can only be obtained by years of uninterrupted complicity onstage and at the studio. Each piece in this album tells part of the unique story that is Abraham's own very Mexican life and his Lebanese roots. The title of the album, "Nasser," is a family name, so mid-eastern melodic references abound; a sophisticated palette that blends very well with an evident interest in contemporary sonorities. A production that refers us to the greats, an emerging international jazz performer with a unique compositional voice... What more could we ask for?

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