Abridge Club

Abridge Club: Toddler Math, Moves, And Mania

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Artist: Abridge Club

Artist: Abridge Club
Title: Toddler Math, Moves, And Mania

1.1 Maraca Chaka (Four)
1.2 Around in a Circle
1.3 On Two Feet I Jump
1.4 A Bee Is Buzzing
1.5 The Shape Train
1.6 I Can Hold Up 5 Fingers
1.7 I'm Swimming in the Water
1.8 What Can We Shake?
1.9 Mountain and Valley
1.10 Can You Move Like I Do?
1.11 Clap One Time and Say
1.12 My Body Has
1.13 I Can Blink My Eyes
1.14 Go Straight
1.15 Thump Dee Dump
1.16 Sitting on One Seat
1.17 I Move
1.18 Dance Freeze
1.19 Counting Starts with Number 1
1.20 An Empty Cup
1.21 This Boulder Is Heavy

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