Abstraction: End of Hope

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Artist: Abstraction

Artist: Abstraction
Title: End of Hope

Abstraction is a power-progressive metal band from Bulgaria, formed in 2009 (under the name Chronology). After a period of time spent on playing covers, they changed their name to Abstraction and started creating their own music - a result of their unique vision. In May 2013 the band released a single including the songs 'Wolf' (in two different languages - English and native Bulgarian) and 'The Righteous Path'. The band line-up includes Mladen Medarov on vocals, Danail Karjilov on guitar, Ivaylo Rashev on bass guitar, Antonio Velkov on drums and Pavel Serafimov on keyboards and guitar. Abstraction's debut album entitled "End Of Hope" includes 9 puzzle pieces that paint an artistic picture that shows the consequences of our modern commercialized and dehumanized everyday-life into the future of our world. The sound is characterized by neo-classical influences, solid male choirs and irregular rhythmic schemes.

1.1 Wolf
1.2 Wondering
1.3 The Game
1.4 The Last Man on Earth
1.5 Piece of Life
1.6 Shattered Pieces
1.7 The Righteous Path
1.8 Requiem for a Dead Planet
1.9 Same Again

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