Accordéon Mélancolique: Le Nid Aime

Accordéon Mélancolique: Le Nid Aime
Title: Le Nid Aime
Label: CD Baby

Delicate almost to the point of minimalism - Dirty Linen, USA Melodies are always memorable - Accordions Worldwide .. l'impression de connaître alors qu'on les entend pour la première fois - Etudes Tsiganes. Wer gleichzeitig traurig und glücklich sein kann, ...Folker. De 'Guiran mantiene sempre la rotta di un suono accogliente' - Accordions Worldwide. In the course of defining a harmonious world Jean Pierre Guiran and Cherie de Boer are in a world made up of little things one could say, but that does not mean things of little importance. Guiran, who is the composer of nearly all the tunes, always retains a welcoming sound, where melodies are always memorable and discords have no right to be present. This happens despite the varied musical styles from tango to waltz, from swing to klezmer music. Rather than describe the individual tunes which despite their variety remain strangely homogenous and therefore difficult to say which one in particular stands out given the high level of all of them, it is perhaps easier to allow the listener to approach the musicality of the Dutch duo via the fact that in the accompanying booklet there is a poem by T Buwe entitled "Home", or the cover which has a delightful watercolour by De Boer, or indeed how the title itself leads to the poeticism of the accordion pair. Here then, listening to the CD and recalling all these aspects, it is a little like being invited to someone's house where the cordial, never overwhelming, conversation allows us to spend a very pleasant afternoon enjoying some pastries and sipping a tea. Reviewed by Renato Belardinelli, Accordions Worldwide.

1.1 Lac Minor
1.2 Kripi Kripi
1.3 Merel
1.4 Mon Cheri
1.5 Mi Yitneni of
1.6 Esprit Du Sud
1.7 Nid Aimã©
1.8 Maria Clara
1.9 Solitude Heureuse
1.10 Heure Bleue
1.11 Te Lang Alleen
1.12 Juif Errant
1.13 Appelboom
1.14 Partida
1.15 Within Five Minutes!

Accordéon Mélancolique: Le Nid Aime

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