Acid Baby Jesus

Acid Baby Jesus: Vegetable

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Artist: Acid Baby Jesus

Artist: Acid Baby Jesus
Title: Vegetable
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Deeper and deeper into the sonic soil they burrow, harvesting fresh, organic ingredients for their psychedelic salad... Acid Baby Jesus returns unbruised from a dirty rumor or two of their expiration. Slovenly Recordings has clipped nary a coupon and once again presents a tasty plate of our heaviest lysergic recipe. Drenched in a complex dressing of luxurious Mediterranean flavours, this new "Vegetable" single, released in anticipation of their upcoming second entrée, provides just enough nutrition to keep you satisfied, but never full. Shrink-wrapped 7inch with a marketing label to make it look like a packaged, store-bought salad. Limited edition of 999 numbered copies, includes download code printed directly on the vinyl center label!

1.1 Vegetable
1.2 Brain Damage

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