Acid Carousel

Acid Carousel: Another Everything Acts 1 & 2

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Acid Carousel

Artist: Acid Carousel
Title: Another Everything Acts 1 & 2
Product Type: VINYL LP

Another Everything is their newest release. It is a two-act Psychedelic Rock Opera. Spoken word, sounds and songs are woven together to tell the story of the strange doings in the house down the street. Act One features John's songs and Act Two features Gus', but the whole record is one whole collaborative effort, featuring heavy collaboration from some of North Texas' most talented artists, including Pearl Earl

1.1 Open Up
1.2 Step Inside
1.3 Keith Richards
1.4 Eyes Glow
1.5 For You
1.6 For Everyone
1.7 In California
1.8 Everyone's Doing It
1.9 Jillian Henning
1.10 Knows
1.11 Now That You Are
1.12 All Clean
1.13 This Is All
1.14 Overture Morning
1.15 Collector Part 1
1.16 Flagrent Thunder
1.17 Existential Ritual
1.18 Love Is Blind
1.19 Doctor Space
1.20 Collector Part 2
1.21 Velvet Jesus Space Camp

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