Across Tundras

Across Tundras: Sage

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Across Tundras

Title: Sage
Label: Neurot Recordings

Birthed in the open spaces of the western United States and now nestled in Nashville, Tennessee, Across Tundras combines a wide variety of influences for a unique and original sound. In the six years since the massive, unrelenting dirge of their debut album, Divides, the band has been pigeonholed into all sorts of micro-genres-the simple truth of the matter is they fit in everywhere and nowhere at once. Sage, their fifth full-length, is their most personally artistic yet. Cohesively incorporating the classic vibes of Johnny Cash and Neil Young, the ominous heaviness of Black Sabbath and Neurosis, and all points in between, it's organic, progressive and heavy as hell.

1.1 In the Name of River Grand
1.2 Hijo de Desierto
1.3 Buried Arrows
1.4 The Book of Truth
1.5 Tchulu Junction
1.6 Mean Season Movin' on
1.7 Shunka Sapa

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