Adam Ant

Adam Ant: Dirk Wears White Sox

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Adam Ant

Artist: Adam Ant
Title: Dirk Wears White Sox

Digitally re-mastered jewel case reissue of the New Wave act's debut album, originally released in 1979, Before the face paint, pirate outfits and theatrical performances and videos, Adam and his early Ants were Post-Punk art rockers covered in a dark, Gothic glaze. The tracks here capture early Adam in all his twisted glory, approaching Punk from different angles and creating an eclectic album that sounded like no-one else. Abrasive to some, engaging to others, Dirk Wears White Sox is an extremely creative and exciting artifact. After this album, half of these Ants went onto form Bow Wow Wow and Adam then put together a new version of the Ants that would become hugely successful barely a year later. Features seven bonus tracks, 'Whip in My Valise', 'Kick!', 'Physical', 'Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2-Chris Hughes Mix), 'Friends', 'Cartrouble' (Single Version), & 'Kick' (Single Version). Sony.

1.1 Cartrouble, PTS. 1 ; 2
1.2 Digital Tenderness
1.3 Nine Plan Failed
1.4 Day I Met God
1.5 Tabletalk
1.6 Cleopatra
1.7 Catholic Day
1.8 Never Trust a Man (With Egg on His Face)
1.9 Animals and Men
1.10 Family of Noise
1.11 Idea
1.12 Zerã¸X - Adam ; the Ants
1.13 Whip in My Valise
1.14 Kick
1.15 Physical (You're So)
1.16 Cartrouble, PTS. 1 ; 2
1.17 Friends
1.18 Cartrouble
1.19 Kick!

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