Adam Green

Adam Green: Minor Love

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Artist: Adam Green

Artist: Adam Green
Title: Minor Love

2010 album from the former Moldy Peaches man, his sixth solo release overall. Recorded with long time producer/friend Noah Georgeson in a luxurious pool house in Los Angeles California, fondly nicknamed the Lake Room, Minor Love found Green enlisting the talents of Rodrigo from Little Joy and other hanger-ons, like his brother Joel (and look-a-likes Joe Steinbrick and Greg from Megapuss). The album showcases a tender side of the often arrogant and emotionally unavailable bully/singer, Green. In a total state of isolation, Green attempted to play nearly all the instruments on the record, due to incurable social phobias which plagued him. Sometimes a slick session musician, like Rodrigo, was tolerated in the studio.

1.1 Breaking Locks
1.2 Give Them a Token
1.3 Buddy Bradley
1.4 Goblin
1.5 Bathing Birds
1.6 What Makes Him Act So Bad
1.7 Stadium Soul
1.8 Cigarette Burns Forever
1.9 Boss Inside
1.10 Castles and Tassels
1.11 Oh Shucks
1.12 Don't Call Me Uncle
1.13 Lockout
1.14 You Blacken My Stay

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