Adam Sweeney

Adam Sweeney: Wildest Rose

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Adam Sweeney

Title: Wildest Rose
Label: CD Baby

This album was one big experiment. When folk singer-songwriter Adam Sweeney built his home studio, he needed some songs to record. Nothing serious, just a few tracks to put his new equipment through the paces. But his band, The Jamboree, had already recorded most of his new material for their full-length debut album due for release in Spring 2011. Since this wasn't a serious project, Sweeney did something the perfectionist troubadour would normally never do - he decided to mine his journals for old songs that never quite made the cut for one reason or another. He dusted off a few that looked promising: a half-complete banjo instrumental, a rambling folk ballad, a brooding confessional piece, a country pop tune, and a loungy Paul Simon tribute written purely as a songwriting exercise. But once he started recording, he discovered that these songs had a whole lot more to offer than he'd ever given them credit for. He also found himself having way more fun in the studio, taking things less seriously, playing every instrument himself (except for drums), experimenting with new sounds and going in directions he wouldn't normally have tried. The result is this collection of roughly polished and distinctly colorful tunes: Wildest Rose. Quotes: "Adam Sweeney is blessed... with an impeccable folkie lineup, wary resolution of the tunes, and the determined conflict and recovery of wry and sweet lyrics." -Suzi Steffen, Eugene Weekly "Portland provides more folk/rock fuse delight via Adam Sweeney, whose quavering voice and electric spin on traditional folk dishes out something different." --Monterey County Weekly "Drawing comparisons to Dave Carter and Gillian Welch, as well as folk revival poets like Paul Simon and Cat Stevens." -Northeast Performer "Listing Dave Carter and Josh Ritter as major influences, Sweeney is one of a handful of young artists redefining purely American music and introducing it to a whole new generation. ??His lyrics are complex and comprehensible at the same time. A masterful storyteller, he weaves together words that might not always rhyme but accompanied by his gently strummed guitar or twangingly plunk banjo, are easy to sing along to." -Tony Engelhart, Weekly Volcano "Melting some electric noise into his traditional folk and country sound... and also sprinkled with a bit of folk spirituality." "One of the hard working and talented vanguard of a new generation of folk musicians." -Tom May, River City Folk, WFMT Fine Arts Radio "Adam Sweeney is a promising young folksinger... he combines intricate acoustic guitar hooks with powerful lyric storytelling." -Passim Magazine "Adam Sweeney's sincere songwriting mixes impressionistic imagery, religious iconography and the kind of strikingly personal observations that seem lifted from a letter to a friend. That lyrical blend is delivered through appealing melodies and expressive singing, with a hint of grain to it that sometimes suggests a violin bow drawn tenderly over his vocal cords." -Willamette Week (Portland, OR) "A true folksinger... he weaves his words together telling stories of the times." -The Southeast Examiner (Portland, OR) "Great voice! Powerful, provocative." -Portland Songwriters' Association, voted "Best Songwriter" at January Showcase 2004.

1.1 Afsaneh
1.2 Wildest Rose
1.3 Skin to Skin
1.4 Top Shelf
1.5 Middle of the Moon

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