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Adam Wexler: What I'm All About

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Adam Wexler

Title: What I'm All About
Label: CD Baby

Some musicians spend years mulling over the direction of their career: how to find the right sound, the right look. Singer/songwriter Adam Wexler, on the other hand, simply marched into New York City's notoriously finicky venues armed with a handful of songs and bubbling bravado and started booking shows. One year later, he's become one of the city's increasingly buzzed-about new voices. With a passion for the storytelling form and honesty-fueled lyrics that made artists like James Taylor and Cat Stevens so beloved, Wexler, 24, has been winning over audiences with his inspiring raw talent. A self-taught guitarist and songwriter, the New York native came to performing and recording organically. When he turned 18, Wexler's older brother gave him a guitar for his birthday, but it wasn't until he reached 19, however, that he decided to teach himself how to play. After practicing with other artist's songs, Wexler decided it was time to put his own stamp on the music scene and began writing his own material. And like any artist that discovers his hidden talent, once he started writing, he couldn't stop. Inspired by his own experiences with love, loss, self-awareness and self-consciousness, Wexler began to compose lyrics that spun stories about his life, but were also accessible to his peers. From those ups and downs came Wexler's debut, six-song EP, What I'm All About. The album provides a window into Wexler's growth as an artist and an individual, as he explores the range of his voice and his lyrical prowess. 'The Life I Didn't Want,' begins with a lament about the direction of one's life, and ends with the realization that you can shift your focus and shape your own future. A relationship unfolds through a trio of songs: 'All Night Long,' is a steamy narrative about that look a couple shares in public that belies their private desires; 'All Was Wrong,' is about finally seeing that the person you love isn't the person you fell in love with; and 'Moved On,' centers on making the decision to escape that destructive situation. 'What I'm All About,' the title track, is an audience favorite at Wexler's shows and the song that allows him to open up to his audience. With a catchy chorus and a focus on Wexler's lyrics about learning to understand himself, the song sticks in your mind, and, as you spend the next few days singing the lyrics, reminds you of what it was like to begin that quest to find yourself as well. Currently attending Brooklyn Law School, Wexler is studying to be an entertainment lawyer. A longtime music buff, Wexler has been unconsciously tending to the seeds of his artistic career for his entire life. While growing up in one of the world's most fertile music breeding grounds, Wexler developed a love for an array of different styles of music, from oft-frowned upon hair metal and it's stars like Bon Jovi and Poison, to college favorites like Dave Matthews Band and classic singer/songwriters like Simon and Garfunkel and Carole King. Since recording What I'm All About, Wexler has been constantly composing new material including the breakup anthem, 'Not Always About You,' and the infectious 'Justify.' Given his intense infatuation with the music industry, his alarmingly vast knowledge of music trivia, and his innate motivation to create new and fresh sounds, Wexler is driven to make his mark on the music scene alongside his idols. With songs that appeals to the sought-after college and post-collegiate demographic, he has already begun to make a strong impression.

1.1 What I'm All About
1.2 Moved on
1.3 All Night Long
1.4 See Things Differently
1.5 The Life I Didn't Want
1.6 All Was Wrong

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