Adams, Johnny / Dorsey, Lee

Adams, Johnny / Dorsey, Lee: Rhythm N Blues In New Orleans 1959-1961

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Title: Rhythm N Blues In New Orleans 1959-1961
Label: Jasmine Records

Collected here are 31 of the earliest recordings by two of New Orleans greatest male singers who in their own right were very different of course, despite both being born in the same city. Johnny Adams took his music very seriously and recording a string of heartfelt ballads and blues until his death. Lee Dorsey on the other hand presented a string of light hearted pop songs which were equally imbued with sound of New Orleans R&B. Both artists are equally important in the history of New Orleans soul, R&B and blues music and are unlikely to ever be forgotten. Includes Johnny's hit, "A Losing Battle" and two of Lee Dorsey's greatest hits, "Do-Re-Mi" and "Ya Ya". Get serious with Johnny Adams and then have some fun with Lee Dorsey.

1.1 Who Are You
1.2 I Won't Cry
1.3 Nowhere to Go
1.4 Come on
1.5 Teach Me to Forget
1.6 The Bells Are Ringing
1.7 Let the Wind Blow
1.8 Someone for Me
1.9 Closer to You
1.10 You Can Make It If You Try
1.11 Ooh So Nice
1.12 Wedding Day
1.13 I Solemnly Promise
1.14 Life Is Just a Struggle
1.15 Who's Gonna Love You
1.16 A Losing Battle
1.17 Tra-La-La
1.18 Showdown
1.19 Lottie-Mo
1.20 Lover of Love
1.21 Rock
1.22 Lonely Evening
1.23 Ya Ya
1.24 Give Me You
1.25 Do-Re-Mi
1.26 People Gonna Talk
1.27 Eenie-Meenie-Minee-Mo
1.28 Behind the 8-Ball
1.29 One and One
1.30 Ixie Dixie Pixie Pie
1.31 Messed Around (And Fell in Love)

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