Ade: Spartacus

Ade: Spartacus
Title: Spartacus
Label: CD Baby

True masters of music, Ade, formed in 2007, with the purpose of blending death metal with the traditional instruments of ancient Rome and Greece. They released their debut album 'Prooemivm Sangvine' in 2009 and are now set on unleashing their incredible follow up album on April 16th 2013 through Canadian label Blast Head Records! 'Spartacus' is a ten track album with amazing song structures, musicianship, and features extreme metal drummer George Kollias! From start to finish 'Spartacus' grips you with musical hooks and the use of traditional Roman instruments allows you to hear something new with every listen. Powerful, memorable and a major contender for album of the year! This is Ancient Roman Death Metal and is highly recommended for fans of Behemoth, Hour of Penance & Fleshgod Apocalypse! See what others are already saying about 'Spartacus': 'It's quite simply one of the most beautifully put together Death Metal albums I've heard recently without doubt.' - (Rating 5/5) 'I have nothing negative to say about this album. Each song has something good about it. The production is spot on, the execution of the entire album is flawless and it blows me away everytime I listen to it and it was one of those moments where I accidentally discovered one of the best bands to put out a release in 2013. Ade is putting out one hell of an album this year. Spartacus is a must have!!!!' - (Rating 5/5) 'This album is extremely consistent, and sure to be a treat for any fan of Technical Death Metal.' - (Rating 8/10) 'I like what Ade are doing and their songs come across as powerfully executed. The style is death metal in origin and manages a great deal of melodic elements interspersed with some punishingly heavy material.' - 'Ade have achieved on this album what no other Italian band in history have managed - to create an epic sound befitting the awesome might of their ancient empire in all it's majesty, furor and decadence.' - "Spartacus is a masterpiece... that simple!" - George Kollias "This might be a front runner for dark horse album of the year." 'Romans, death metal fans: Prepare for glory!' - Albert Mudrian (Decibel Magazine)

1.1 Betrayer from Thrace
1.2 Sanguine Pluit in Arena
1.3 The Endless Runaway
1.4 Crixius Flags of Dishonor
1.5 Duelling the Shadow of Spartacus
1.6 Mars's Unpredictable Favour
1.7 Decimate the Cowards
1.8 Six Thousand Crosses
1.9 Divinitus Victor
1.10 ... for Everything to Be the Same

Ade: Spartacus

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