Adrian English

Adrian English: Total Chaos

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Artist: Adrian English

Artist: Adrian English
Title: Total Chaos

Adrian English is back with thirteen blistering tracks of guitar madness. Hold on as he takes on a journey of virtuosity that will leave you shaking your head and pointing at your speakers in amazement. Technical, furious, and energetic, as Adrian shreds away on his new Rick Hanes Signature Series Guitar.

1.1 Rubix Death Cube
1.2 Inner Changeable Mutilation
1.3 My Technical Slaughterhouse
1.4 Brutect
1.5 Sounds Like a Bad Painting
1.6 The Licentious
1.7 The Resurrection of Mother Wolf
1.8 Mini Gun Holiday
1.9 Inorganic Tri Mortal Reflux
1.10 Enter Psych Blender
1.11 A Distribution of Madness
1.12 Total Chaos
1.13 The Nine Yard Belt

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