Adrianne Serna

Adrianne Serna: Let It Shine

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Artist: Adrianne Serna

Artist: Adrianne Serna
Title: Let It Shine

Please visit Adrianne Serna's website - - to get the single - Let It Shine - for FREE! Singer/songwriter Adrianne Serna has self-released and sold thousands of her first two albums (ANOTHER DAY IN AMERICA and TIME AND PLACE) and has performed at many clubs, festivals, and cafés throughout the San Francisco area as well as down the West Coast. Her songs have been featured on many radio stations including Northern California's KRSH, Tucson's KXCI, Cleveland's WRUW, Honolulu's KTUH, Arkansas' KASU, and Maine's WMHB. Most recently, Adrianne took a break from the stage in order to craft songs for her third release, LET IT SHINE. 'I took much longer than I anticipated to make this record, but I think the results are well worth it. I've had a lot of fun writing and recording these songs and I think the good vibes definitely shine through.' LET IT SHINE is a 10-song indie pop delight showcasing Adrianne's distinct and infectious vocals and her undeniably catchy songwriting. From the electric guitar and handclap driven 'Let It Shine,' to the fun, ukulele reggae groove on 'I Love the Rain,' to the mesmerizing and ethereal 'Cozy,' Adrianne has weaved together an album that will have listener's hearts smiling all the way through. LET IT SHINE was recorded and mixed by Christopher Krotky at 7 Generations Studio in Marin County, CA and was co-produced by Christopher and Adrianne.

1.1 Let It Shine
1.2 Better with You
1.3 I Love the Rain
1.4 Sweetness
1.5 All the Good Stuff
1.6 The Sweetest Dreams
1.7 Cozy
1.8 Coming Home to You
1.9 Stay (Right Here with Me)
1.10 Sadness Comes

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