Adrienne Young

Adrienne Young: Room to Grow

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Adrienne Young

Title: Room to Grow
Label: Addie Belle

Adrienne Young has delved deep into the collective soul to find inspiration for her new CD, ROOM TO GROW. True to her post-modern blending of country, folk, pop and bluegrass woven throughout her first two CDs, this sustainable agriculture champion dons modern spectacles through which to view timeless questions, choosing traditional instruments to communicate her contemporary compositions, joining forces with uber rockers, Mike Gordon and Will Kimbrough among others.

1.1 All for Good
1.2 SGT. Early's Dream/Maids of Castlebar
1.3 Room to Grow
1.4 Natural Bridge
1.5 In Between the Heartbeats
1.6 High Flyin' Dream
1.7 Free Man in Paris
1.8 River and a Dirt Road
1.9 Givin' Up the Fight
1.10 Dark Around the Moon
1.11 How Is This World Better Now
1.12 Once More
1.13 Leaving It Behind
1.14 Happy Ending

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