Adulam: Promesa Cumplida

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Artist: Adulam

Artist: Adulam
Title: Promesa Cumplida

For his new project, Manuel and Rocío chosen the name of Adulam, which refers to a place of refuge presented in the Bible, in chap. 22 of 1st Samuel. As in that day the poor in spirit, the afflicted and took refuge in that hopeless place to experience a personal encounter with God, Manuel and Rocio want to proclaim through their own music the same message of hope to those suffering: only in God can find refuge and only He can change the course of our lives.

1.1 Dejame Soñar
1.2 Fuente de los Sentimientos
1.3 Algo Inesperado
1.4 Cajita Zapatos
1.5 Necesitaba
1.6 Toda la Alabanza
1.7 Retrato de Una Cruz
1.8 Si No Fuera Por Ti
1.9 Te Canto
1.10 Un Canto a la Vida

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