Aesthetic Perfection

Aesthetic Perfection: All Beauty Destroyed

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Product Type: CD

Title: All Beauty Destroyed
Label: Metropolis Records

I welcome you to your hell, it's not much but I hope you like what you see," the deliciously sarcastic opening line from "A Nice Place To Visit" that kicks off All Beauty Destroyed, the third album from electro/alternative icons Aesthetic Perfection. "There's an intentional irony in having a band called "Aesthetic Perfection" naming your album All Beauty Destroyed" notes Daniel Graves, the founder and sole creative member behind Aesthetic Perfection. "It's this struggle between personas, the dark and the light, the Jekyll and the Hyde," he remarks. Fans of Grave's previous albums won't be disappointed as All Beauty Destroyed continues in the dance floor tradition of A Violent Emotion and Close To Human, though with this new album, things take a decidedly darker and more sinister turn. The first single, "The Devil's In The Details," showcased the evolved sound that Graves expounds on with the new release. The second single, "Inhuman," with it's synthesized chant of "No hope, No pain, No loss, No gain," is bound to keep DJs satisfied with it's pulsing rhythm and shout-along vocals. All Beauty Destroyed promises to be the darkest, most melodic and dynamic piece of work Graves has ever created. In Grave's words "I make music because it is the only thing I know how to do. Writing about my every day struggles is what keeps me sane... some people seem to relate to that. If not, fuck it, I'd still be doing this if no one listened.

1.1 A Nice Place to Visit
1.2 The Devil's in the Details
1.3 The 11th Hour
1.4 Hit the Street
1.5 One and Only
1.6 Inhuman
1.7 Celebrity Sin
1.8 Filthy Design
1.9 Motherfucker
1.10 Under Your Skin
1.11 The Little Death
1.12 All Beauty Destroyed

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