After-Life: Circus of Souls

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Artist: After-Life

Artist: After-Life
Title: Circus of Souls

Post Punk bansds of the late 70s and early 80s were a big influence on Circus of Souls. This album mixes the old and the new ideas as far as making a record go. Touching on many different subjects such as bordem, loneliness,rejection, agression, and .......the end of the world!! Circus of Souls is definately a unique album. With Joy Division like vocals, Green Day sounding Guitars, and the ambience of Radiohead, Afterlife seems to have captured something truely different. Recorded in a bedroom studio, sparatically, from late 2007-spring 2009. Songs from this album came all the way back from early 2006.

1.1 Final Solution
1.2 Masquerade Party
1.3 Bridge Between Two Worlds
1.4 Blue Laws Burning
1.5 House of Lords
1.6 Fooling Ourselves
1.7 Running Out of Reasons
1.8 Lost in a Labyrinth
1.9 Deeper in the Maze
1.10 Last Night
1.11 Metamorphosis

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