Agency Dub Collective

Agency Dub Collective: Sos

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Product Type: CD

Title: Sos
Label: Foreign Du

Agency Dub Collective, one of Melbourne's premier live dub/reggae/dancehall bands. With the album "S.O.S" the band continues to stoke the fires of revolution that began with their previous independent EP "Insurgency", further cementing their reputation as one of Australia's most innovative live dub bands. Incisive, socially conscious lyrics cover everything from existential poetry to Palestine and West Papua, underpinned by heavyweight riddims that range from dubwise roots reggae to futuristic dancehall.

1.1 Recognise
1.2 Merdeka
1.3 Way of Life
1.4 Rubadub Collective
1.5 Brazil
1.6 Undiscovered Waters
1.7 Innocence
1.8 Sentient (Human Being)
1.9 Had Enough
1.10 Infinite
1.11 Don't Waste It
1.12 5-Steppa
1.13 Cry in Shame
1.14 Tick Tock

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