Aileen and Elkin Thomas

Aileen and Elkin Thomas: Like a River

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Artist: Aileen and Elkin Thomas
Title: Like a River

Featuring 'The Arabia,' which tells the story of a great sidewheel steamboat that sank in the Missouri River in 1856, and whose salvaged cargo is now fabulously displayed at the Arabia Museum in Kansas City. Also 'Lift the Wings' from the phenomenal 'Riverdance;' 'Willow John,' a song Elkin adapted from a poem in Forrest Carter's book, 'The Education of Little Tree;' the title song, 'Like A River,' based on First Corinthians 13; three songs from the Psalms: 'Awake Harp and Lyre' (Psalm 108), 'Turtledove and Songbird' (Psalms 130 & 131), 'I Will Sing' (Psalm 104); a traditional Hebrew folk song called 'Lecha Dodi;' Eric Andersen's 'Thirsty Boots;' and a new benediction called 'The Blessing.' Also 'Calas;' 'I'm Not Alone;' 'We Lift Our Voices;' 'How Long/Love Is A Rose,' a medley of the old Neil Young and Jonathan Edwards songs.

1.1 The Arabia
1.2 Willow John
1.3 Lift the Wings
1.4 Calas
1.5 Like a River
1.6 Thirsty Boots
1.7 How Long/Love Is a Rose
1.8 We Lift Our Voices
1.9 Awake Harp and Lyre
1.10 I Will Sing
1.11 Turtledove and Songbird
1.12 I'm Not Alone
1.13 Lecha Dodi
1.14 The Blessing

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