Aiming High: Geraldine the Witch

Aiming High: Geraldine the Witch
Title: Geraldine the Witch
Label: Karthago Records

'On The Way To The Peak Of Normal', is the album where his fantastic blend of world music, crackly vocal samples, and incredible improvisational vision came together. However, his sophomore effort carried more avant-garde features than it's predecessor, as the album opener and title track demonstrates. The Grönland reissue contains four songs and features the Conny Plank-produced "Witches Multiplication Table," a track whose dark maelstrom of supernatural twitchiness beguiles in a hypnotic manner. This is a must have for fans of Can and Czukay.

1.1 One Plus One
1.2 Indecisive

Aiming High: Geraldine the Witch

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