Air Supply

Air Supply: Ultimate Collection the

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Air Supply

Title: Ultimate Collection the
Label: EMI

2012 collection from Air Supply, one of Australia's most acclaimed and iconic bands, Air Supply essentially "took coals to Newcastle", with their undeniably American laid-back, romantic style and seemed to just turn on a hit tap, at least for a time, American Top 40 and MOR radio formats opened up to their glossy, always-melodic, impeccably produced love songs (the word 'love' appears in the title of seven of Air Supply's first 15 hits) and set them on a dizzying roll, And though airplay was at the heart of their impressive presence, they were by no means just a studio sensation - Air Supply was a hard working touring band of crack musicians, playing hundreds of shows. The Ultimate Collection is an exceptional collection featuring 19 tracks from 1976 through to 1982, It includes all the classics: 'Love And Other Bruises,' 'Lost In Love,' 'All Out Of Love,' 'The One That You Love' and more.

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