Airport Juliet

Airport Juliet: For Every Scar EP

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Artist: Airport Juliet

Artist: Airport Juliet
Title: For Every Scar EP

Airport Juliet is a DIY musical effort by Brian Andries; a native of Chicago suburbs that is currently deployed to Iraq from Fort Riley, Kansas. At 23 years of alivedness, Brian has been writing music for almost a decade and recording it personally just as long. "For Every Scar EP" is the first of many albums telling a story of leaving, love, and leaving love. "The Destination" brings raw power, "Time" delivers a rollercoaster of urgency, "Strings" layers bright guitars and synth, "In The Water" piles emotion on to so-cal pop punk, and "The Proverbial 'They'" brings the album to a close with arena rock fanfare. However you want to describe it, Airport Juliet is an exercise in alternative rock story telling.

1.1 The Destination
1.2 Time
1.3 These Strings
1.4 In the Water
1.5 The Proverbial "They"

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