Aisha Devi: Of Matter and Spirit

Aisha Devi: Of Matter and Spirit
Title: Of Matter and Spirit
Label: Houndstooth

Following her highly praised Conscious Cunt EP (HTH 043EP, 2015), Aisha Devi's debut album Of Matter and Spirit sees the Swiss-Nepalese producer, vocalist, and label-owner resume her dark and intricate self-journey and investigation of the disconnection between matter and spirit in society, commenting upon media, consumerism, and collective mental and spiritual resistance, and finding inner peace. The album is a moving landscape of interconnected themes and experimental techniques. Using sound and vibrations to create a sense of healing and awareness, Devi's production dilutes and skews traditional formats. Crafting vortices of haunting sounds from her vocals and production, her work is deeply self-reflective, yet simultaneously taps into the collective consciousness in order to awaken our senses. Mastered by 2013 MPG Mastering Engineer of the Year Matt Colton at Alchemy.

1.1 Adera
1.2 Mazd
1.3 Initiation to An Illusion
1.4 Numen J
1.5 Kim ; the Wheel of Life
1.6 Aurat (Tool)
1.7 1%
1.8 Anatomy of Light
1.9 O.M.A
1.10 The Saviour on Spilled Blood

Aisha Devi: Of Matter and Spirit

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