Ajmw / Corfield, Joe / Hashfinger / Gadget

Ajmw / Corfield, Joe / Hashfinger / Gadget: United Kingdom

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Artist: Ajmw / Corfield, Joe / Hashfinger / Gadget
Title: United Kingdom
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven-inch vinyl pressing. Four beats, four beat makers, one country. Cold Busted's acclaimed IWYMI INTNI series - meaning, "It's What You Make It International" - touches down in the United Kingdom for it's latest installment. Spread across the UK, this quartet of young producers makes a lasting impression with sublime tracks imprinted on seven-inch wax. West London is represented by AJMW, AKA Ashley Warden, who comes correct on "Lovely Jubbly." Tinkling piano, crooning snatches, and a dope beat make this a stellar opener. Joe Corfield, hailing from Birmingham, goes into the funk zone with "Fuji," featuring delicious interplay of shimmering Rhodes and a sharp, dusted rhythm. Flip the record for "Over There" from West Yorkshire's Hashfinger - a bass-booming head-nodder complete with dreamy vocal interludes. Millennium Jazz Music's Gadget brings us back to London, supplying dulcet guitar strums over a tough beat on the hypnotically soothing "Y'all Feel That." These four cuts pack a punch, subtle yet sassy and ready to spice up any turntable session.

1.1 Ajmw - Lovely Jubbly
1.2 Joe Corfield - Fuji
1.3 Hashfinger - Over There
1.4 Gadget - Y'all Feel That

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