Aksak Maboul

Aksak Maboul: Un Peu De L, Me De Bandits

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Artist: Aksak Maboul

Artist: Aksak Maboul
Title: Un Peu De L, Me De Bandits
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Founded in 1977 by Marc Hollander and Vincent Kenis, Aksak Maboul already contained some of the key elements of the Crammed aesthetics: eclecticism, internationalism, deliberate and playful mixing of forms, cultures and genres. Un Peu de L'ame de Bandits (1980) was recorded by a lineup featuring English musicians Fred Frithand Chris Cutler. More intense and "experimental" than their debut, this album's music contains complex, completely written sections as well as totally improvised hardcore ambient pieces, not to mention drum machines, bassoons, sampling before samplers existed, Bulgarian, Pygmy, Polynesian and Delta Blues voices, tango, a Turkish tune, crypto-punk and pseudo-Varese music.

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