Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola: Opus

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Artist: Al Di Meola

Artist: Al Di Meola
Title: Opus
Product Type: VINYL LP

With such blinding brilliance on guitar, it's no wonder that many don't realize that "composer" needs to be part of the conversation when talking about Al di Meola. The compositions on this new album are intriguing and the performances-inspired by his baby girl, his loving wife and his travels around the world-are infectious as you hear "Milonga Noctiva," "Ava's Dream Sequence Lullaby," "Cerreto Sannita," "Frozen in Time," "Escapado" and more on CD or vinyl! Earmusic.

1.1 Milonga Noctiva
1.2 Broken Heart
1.3 Ava's Dream Sequence Lullaby
1.4 Cerreto Sannita
1.5 Notorious
1.6 Frozen in Time
1.7 Escapado
1.8 Pomp
1.9 Left Unsaid
1.10 Insieme
1.11 Rebels

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