Al Dressen

Al Dressen: Songs from Beautiful Texas

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Artist: Al Dressen

Artist: Al Dressen
Title: Songs from Beautiful Texas

We play real Western Swing, the Official Music Style of Texas!! Western Swing is a blend of country, big band swing, the blues, cowboy or western, Latin, jazz and cajun. We learned from Leon Rausch, Herb Remington, Louise Rowe, Bob White, Bob Boatright and other Texas Playboys. We all attended the University of Western Swing and these folks were our professors. Listen closely to the ensemble arrangements and song endings as well as the instruental solos. The vocals are spread around to four different lead vocalists and we bring in vocal harmony on most of the tunes. This band not only makes you want to dance, it let's you dance. Leon Rausch says 'This CD reminds him of the music the Playboys played on their old radio shows in the 50's'. Louise Rowe says 'It's the best set of western swing recordings she has heard since the early 50's. Casey Dickens says 'Al, you hit a homerun on this one!!' Enola Gay says 'I love the quality of the instruments and vocals in this Western Swing collection when there's so many 'wanna be' Western Swing bands making recordings. You do the music justice.'

1.1 Corinne Corinna
1.2 Misery
1.3 The Kind of Love
1.4 Take Me Back to Tulsa
1.5 Maiden's Prayer
1.6 Panhandle Rag
1.7 Deep Water
1.8 Beautiful Texas
1.9 Ida Red
1.10 I'm An Old Cowhand
1.11 Right or Wrong
1.12 Milk Cow Blues
1.13 Remington Ride

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