Al Gromer Khan: Inner Witness

Al Gromer Khan: Inner Witness
Title: Inner Witness
Label: CD Baby

Inner Witness Category: Contemplative, song, ambient, slow hermetic trance music, seductive sitar phrases. When working on this music I relied wholly on the principle of sound. I let sound determine decisions in terms of melody, harmony, and rhythm. This is how I explore inner spaces - from sound. I do not make music, I listen to the sound, and then the music finds me. The challenge consists of being able to catch the music as it occurs. Sound was my main motivation since childhood. It has carried and led me through the decades - sound ´from a distance´. And our Inner Witness automatically determines what is true and what is false. Ever since we enjoyed music, we have experienced that moment of transient bliss before going into another state. Sound has also provided me with the common denominator of ambient and song. I wanted this album to contain traces of most musical styles and traditions that have inspired me on my path - from my early days: folk, jazz, blues, electronic spheres and, most of all, the sitar music of Vilayat Khan. These traditions would appear in terms of ambient, and in a condensed contemporary manner. When I speak of ambient music, I have always meant a hermetic trance situation: a confined interior in which I arrange things in such a way that a balance is achieved, enabling one to transcend the ordinary and gain access to a more refined kind of thoughtfulness. Time was given to let this album ripen. The aim was to support a two-way system whereby the beauty of the object (music) would have an effect on the beholder, towards a reconditioning of the beholder, in terms of the original yoga. Despite it's minimalist way, and instead of a mere neutral ambient sound tapestry, and in order to honor the Feminine Principle I included certain soulful elements; but these take place in another room. I cannot say that I created this music - I merely designed the interiors. Truth equals beauty, and beauty beats tradition - any way, anytime. AGK March 2014.

1.1 Inner Witness
1.2 Ring of Power
1.3 Universal Halal
1.4 Meditating at the Ritz
1.5 Spring Soliloquy
1.6 Lustra
1.7 A Friend of the Earth
1.8 The Wind at Cape Spartel
1.9 Marva Sitar Boogie
1.10 Vivid Dream (In Which I Was Granted Three Hill-Side Castles Made of Moon Beam)
1.11 Bei Isny
1.12 Alchemy 1000
1.13 Lucid Days

Al Gromer Khan: Inner Witness

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