Al Terry

Al Terry: Hickory's Cajun Hillbilly

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Artist: Al Terry

Artist: Al Terry
Title: Hickory's Cajun Hillbilly

A much-loved and collected 1950 s hillbilly hero finally makes his legal CD debut, with a handsome collection of his Hickory recordings and a few nice bonuses besides. Like Rusty and Doug Kershaw and Wiley Barkdull (already anthologized by Ace), Cajun Louisianan Al Terry was an early signing to Hickory. His 'career song', 'Good Deal Lucille' was the label's first hit and enough of a success for Hickory and Terry to remake the song just three years later. (Both versions are included here). Between 1955 and 1958, Terry recorded exemplary hillbilly and country, and even flirted with rockabilly, with uniformly excellent results. Besides 'Lucille', he's also remembered for gems like 'Watch Dog' and the Johnny Cash-like 'Roughneck Blue', both of which can be heard here in premium sound quality.

1.1 Good Deal, Lucille (Version 1)
1.2 Say a Prayer for Me
1.3 Goodbye Mr. Sunshine (Hello Mr. Rain)
1.4 Promise Made, Promise Broken
1.5 Shoot Me a Line
1.6 Show Me That You Love Me
1.7 Let's Postpone Our Wedding
1.8 Hey, Whatta Ya Say
1.9 House of Glass
1.10 No Shrimp Today
1.11 Gone Again
1.12 If I Win, I Win
1.13 Dear God (I Love Her So)
1.14 Follow Me
1.15 No No John
1.16 Then You're Living Just Like Me
1.17 The Wall Around Your Heart
1.18 Hate Me Not
1.19 Without You (Version 2)
1.20 Roughneck Blues
1.21 It's Better Late Than Never
1.22 Am I Seeing Things
1.23 Passing the Blues Around
1.24 Watch Dog
1.25 Because I'm Yours (But You're Not Mine)
1.26 Good Deal, Lucille (Version 2)

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