Alan Bernhoft: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Rock N Roll Musical

Alan Bernhoft: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Rock N Roll Musical
Title: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Rock N Roll Musical
Label: CD Baby

Fennecus Award Nomination- Best Song Score- nominated alongside Phil Collins, Carly Simon, Jack Black, and winner Christopher Guest (A Mighty Wind) Best Picture Award- Society of Fantastic Films Festival, Manchester, England Best Photography, Best Music, Best Achievement in Film- New York B-Movie Festival, - Additional Nominations: Best Actor, Best Set Design Competition Finalist and Festival Opening Selection- Mania Fest, Santa Monica, CA Official Selection- Valley Film Fest, Los Angeles Official Selection- Scarefest, Hollywood 'I just looked at your film and you should feel SUCH pride and accomplishment! It's just terrific! It's great fun, and it looks like you had a BALL doing it! Anyway, you gotta feel pretty good about it, it's really wonderful. The songs are great. You should be making lots of movies and lots of money! Thanks for letting me watch it!' -Paul Williams, Grammy & Academy Award-winning Songwriter and Actor,Phantom of The Paradise, Ishtar, The Muppet Movie 'The Jekyll And Hyde Rock 'N Roll Musical takes the creepy story that we all know and love and throws it in a contemporary blender. What emerges is a fierce and funny indie that takes place in sunny L.A.--and the totally original rock soundtrack will have many thinking Rocky Horror meets Classic Horror.' 'Astonishing cinematography!' -Kevin McCarthy, Award-winning Actor & Author, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Howling 'It's going to be a HIT! I've worked with the best in the business and The Jekyll And Hyde Rock 'N Roll Musical compares to any of them!' -Hal Blaine, Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer, World's Greatest Drummer, Sinatra, Elvis, Lennon, Beach Boys 'Really cooooooool! Alan has a powerful screen presence!' - Michael Davis, Writer/ Director, Eight Days A Week, 100 Girls, Monster Man. ' enjoyable film...personal and ambitious, takes a lot of chances!' 'Innovative and Daring' 'A high degree of creativity...strong visualization...the music is very good...effective cinematic moments' -Steve Stajich, Screenwriter, Reba I loved it !!!, 20 March 2005 Author: hfmg from EastCoast This was a tremendously fun ride. It is a special moment when I actually fall into the story line and feel total immersion into the actors portrayal of an alternate world created by the skillful hands of gifted screenwriters and directors. To me, that is what entertainment is really about, the captured experience during the circus ride of sights and sounds a movie provides. I don't know why I didn't discover this flick sooner, I certainly try to keep an eye out for modern interpretations of the classics. This was a fine job interpreting the classic Hyde monster. I felt it was much more believable than the digitized mountainous Hyde's in the Van-Helsing and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen stories. You certainly owe it to yourself to try this more believable version out. The combination of an engaging soundtrack, believable actors, and a gripping version of the storyline kept me immersed throughout. I offer a 'job well done' to this crew!!! The 'Alice Cooper Show' taken to a professional level!, 16 December 2003 Author: LEEMAN52 Take a great classical story, superb music, beautiful women and talented acting, throw in some Rock N' Roll excitement, and you have the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Rock 'n Roll Musical! This is a fun and entertaining movie! Alan Bernhoft is just awesome. by - Filmmaker84 (Sat Jul 24 2004 22:05:58) Okay, a while back I stumbled upon this films website while it was searching for a distributor. I was very interested in it and wanted to listen to the song samples, but they wouldn't work on my ( old) computer. So I wrote to Alan asking if there was a copy of the CD that I could buy. He writes back saying there is no offical copy yet, but he would be willing to burn me a copy and send it. So this man, who spent all this time on his film and is searching for someone to handle his film, burns a copy of the CD and sends it to me with postage paid. Absolutely no cost to me. He is a truly nice, talented man, and I wish him all the best. By the way if you read this, Alan. I still love the CD, thanks so much. 'I was truly astounded! The songwriting is very, very well done...the level of acting is superb' -Michael Jedlicka, Walt Disney Pictures 'Very unusual and exciting!' -Judith Hallet, Judith Hallet Productions 'The transformation scene is absolutely CHILLING!, but it was also delicious and delightful!' -Geri Gorowski, Walt Disney Pictures 'It's SOOOO GREAT!! Like Rocky Horror Picture Show, but much Scarier!' -Jules Thornton, actress, musicain 'Alan's Hyde characterization has a believability that puts all other screen interpretations to shame, including Spencer Tracy and Fredric March' -Jack Aiuvalasit. Producer 'The soundtrack is especially wonderful' Kali Frederick, Sound Unseen Film & Music Festival 'Alan Bernhoft has produced and written a lot of music over the years and is a talented singer/songwriter.-Chris Jarmick, CULTCUTS.COM 'Clever and hip! The classic Jekyll and Hyde tale has never been more fun!' Andrew Cottone, screenwriter 'Well acted with some great songs!' New York Horror Film Festival 'Fascinating!' -Joseph Adelman, International Entertainment Enterprises 'Your movie showed how much love and work you poured into it. I admire your tenacity' -Rachel Rose, actress, personal trainer 'Loved it!' -Stacey Smithey, Java Records 'I've seen many films, few as entertaining! I loved it! Great crowd responses! Awesome job!' -Mark Atteberry, Writer and Director 'Excellent work! The cast is AWESOME! You kick some very serious ass with your movie!' -Mark DeVilbiss, Entertainment Programmer A great rock and roll musical!, 21 March 2005 Author: sp728 from United States I was truly inspired by this musical. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Rock and Roll Musical is a small independent film that has a great story and wonderful music. It's not to often you see a rock and roll musical with such great musical talent. I understand this film was shot on a very low budget and on weekends. I think any independent film maker would enjoy seeing this film. The songs are great. I was wondering if there is CD with the music? Does anybody have it. It is great stuff. I hope this film is seen by a large audience. It's just great fun! Can't wait to see Bernhoft again. I hope he has something coming out soon! Maybe another horror musical?

1.1 Jekyll's Theme
1.2 Overture
1.3 Jekyll's Theme/Hyde's Theme
1.4 Listen, Jekyll
1.5 Some Things
1.6 Henry
1.7 Anne
1.8 The London Fog
1.9 All That Really Matters
1.10 Another Bottle Full of Beer
1.11 Little Girls
1.12 Midnight Tonight
1.13 Where Is Henry?
1.14 Time for a Kill (Medley)
1.15 I'm Comin' for You
1.16 King of the Night

Alan Bernhoft: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Rock N Roll Musical

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