Alan Hewitt: High Fidelity

Alan Hewitt: High Fidelity
Title: High Fidelity
Label: CD Baby

Review from UK magazine UBER ROCK: Alan Hewitt may not be a name that instantly rolls off the tongue, but his musical contributions on both movie and television scores and album writing are vast to say the least. With perhaps his most Uber Rock friendly claim to fame being the co-writing and piano contributions he made to the triple platinum record 'Cherry Pie' from US rockers Warrant. Most recently Alan has been tour keyboardist for The Moody Blues. 'Save Me' opens the album with an extremely smooth melodic groove and to boot it also includes a catchy little choral arrangement, as do all the tracks herein. The piano driven 'High Above' which is up next has an obvious Moody Blues influence hanging around it, as does the opus in fact, with the ten tracks possessing a "glorious" sense of musicality 'It's Not The Way' sits right at home in a melodic Eighties inspired groove and is another beautifully created composition but would you expect any less from someone associated with Warrant's 'Cherry Pie'? What we have here is sheer class musicianship in the easy listening melodic rock genre and a studio production that's oh so admirable. Alan is not afraid to experiment either as he does combining numerous musical styles on the contemporary jazz tinged 'The LA Song', a track filled with grooved grace and elegance. Just take a listen to 'So In Love'. a saxophone led instrumental number that is wondrously and softly created. 'How Will I Know' and the smooth jazz tones of 'Lost In Emotion' continue the emplerary standard of songwriting, whilst the latter has some delicious soulful backing vocals care of Shea Chambers. With various dreamy instrumentations incorporated throughout it's Hewitt's intelligence on the keyboards and piano that play a huge plus point part alongside his songwriting and vocal perfectionism. 'Here After' being a chance for him to once more show off these talents magnificently. 'After The Rain' meanwhile is a soulful performance that deserves merit beyond maybe this album's selling potential, the title track 'High Fidelity' closes things down with it's funky overtones and is another instrumental song of high calibre and note. 'High Fidelity' then is a beautiful, well crafted collection of songs, and is truly deserving of a 5 star AOR grade. CD Reviews Written by Rob Watkins Wednesday, 27 February 2013 03:30.

1.1 Save Me
1.2 High Above
1.3 It's Not the Way
1.4 The la Song
1.5 So in Love
1.6 How Will I Know
1.7 Lost in Emotion
1.8 Here After
1.9 After the Rain
1.10 High Fidelity

Alan Hewitt: High Fidelity

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