Alan Roubik

Alan Roubik: Keys to My Heart

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alan Roubik

Title: Keys to My Heart
Label: CD Baby

'Keys To My Heart' is Alan Roubik's second release, and first solo piano recording, blending his classical music background with pop and ragtime influences. In collaboration with best selling author and research scientist Masaru Emoto, this recording (the first of 5) was produced and tested using state-of-the-art magnetic resonance technology, targeting the immune system and assisting in stress relief.

1.1 You Inspire Me
1.2 Keys to My Heart
1.3 (The) Bohemian
1.4 In the Dark
1.5 I Remember
1.6 Tenderness
1.7 Night and Day
1.8 Once More
1.9 Starlight
1.10 Angel

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