Alan Silvestri

Alan Silvestri: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Artist: Alan Silvestri

Artist: Alan Silvestri
Title: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the 1988 motion picture. The Robert Zemekis directed film is based on Gary K. Wolf's novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? To this day Roger Rabbit is still considered a landmark achievement in filmmaking, combining 2D animation and live action.

1.1 Maroon Logo
1.2 Maroon Cartoon Valiant ; Valiant
1.3 He Weasels
1.4 Hungarian Rhapsody (Dueling Pianos)
1.5 Judge Doom
1.6 Why Don't You Do Right?
1.7 No Justice for Toons
1.8 The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Roger's Song)
1.9 Jessica's Theme
1.10 Toontown
1.11 Eddie's Theme
1.12 The Gag Factory
1.13 The Will
1.14 Smile Darn Ya Smile / That's All Folks!
1.15 End Title

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