Alan Vega: Deuce Avenue

Alan Vega: Deuce Avenue
Title: Deuce Avenue
Label: Digging Diamonds

After the more commercially-oriented Just A Million Dreams Vega made a return to the more classic Suicide form, rather than his first solo albums which were like new wave rockabilly. With Deuce Avenue, he got back to synths and beatboxes (following advice from wife Liz Lamere) and to his trademark freeform singing. Alan gives here some of his best vocal performance, ranging from his classic Elvish croone to a cartoony cyberpunk screaming madly.

1.1 Body Bop Jive
1.2 Sneaker Gun Fire
1.3 Jab Gee
1.4 Bad Scene
1.5 La la Bola
1.6 Deuce Avenue
1.7 Faster Blaster
1.8 Sweet Sweet Money
1.9 Love on
1.10 Future Sex

Alan Vega: Deuce Avenue

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