Alanna Story

Alanna Story: Flickering Spark

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alanna Story

Title: Flickering Spark
Label: CD Baby

Born in Bellingham, WA into a family with a deep faith and musical heritage, Anna & Ally Long were captivated by the musical arts from an early age. After moving to Florida, they began taking their studies in piano and theory as soon as they entered kindergarten. Soon after, Anna also began classical training in violin as well as training in guitar. Having grown up in a pastor's home, Ally and Anna have always loved to serve the church and knew early on that the Lord had put a specific calling on their lives to lead worship. During high school, Anna & Ally relocated to the Seattle area. This transition proved to be a challenging one, uprooting them from what was comfortable and familiar, forcing them to redefine all aspects of their lives-faith, passions, relationships; however, it was during this time that they felt led to pursue their calling in worship. Together, they began leading worship for their youth group and various events, and Anna began cultivating her gift of songwriting. In 2005, Ally began her undergraduate studies at Anderson University in Indiana, studying Mass Communications. One year later Anna joined her with a double major in English and Art & Design, in an intentional effort to develop as an artist and song-writer. They quickly became involved in the campus' worship ministries and also began serving across the country-leading worship for retreats, rallies, and conventions. In the fall of 2008, Anna & Ally felt led to pursue their original music and began gathering other musicians with a similar passion for worship and a vision for awakening; it was then that Alanna Story was born. In 2010, Ally and Anna made the Midwest officially their home-base, and added several midwest-natives to the AS family: Stephen West (el. Guitar), Joel Burkhead (bass), and Micah Beckwith (drums). Combining incredible talents and more importantly sincere hearts for worship, the band creates a powerful, energetic atmosphere for others to encounter the presence of God. Alanna Story released their first original album, 'Keep Breathing' in 2009 and their second album, 'Flckering Spark' in 2011. Their original music speaks to the heart of a culture that has gotten so busy and, in turn, so desperate for a God who desires all of who we are. Putting pointed lyrics to strong melodies, Alanna Story sings over hearts with such honesty and passion, leaving people challenged and hungry for more of a God who wants us even in our most desperate hour. As God faithfully continues to open doors and expand their territory both as original artists and as lead worshippers, Alanna Story's main pursuit remains: to love Jesus and lead others to the throne room of God.

1.1 Providence
1.2 Soul for Hire
1.3 My Malady
1.4 Bend and Break
1.5 The Cathedral
1.6 To the Heights
1.7 For You to Come
1.8 Thank God
1.9 Mystery of Fidelity

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