Albert Collins

Albert Collins: Joe's Place Cambridge Ma 17th January 1973

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Albert Collins

Title: Joe's Place Cambridge Ma 17th January 1973
Label: Live on Vinyl
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Texan blues giant Albert Collins enjoys far greater divinity in modern times than he was ever afforded before, especially at the point in his career when he provided a stunning set at Joe's Place in Cambridge, MA in 1973. Joe's Place offered a smaller and more intimate setting for Collins, who performs a selection of his repertoire including "Backstroke," "Frosty" and "Thaw Out," three gems from his 1965 debut The Cool Sounds of Albert Collins. Collins applied his unique and revered style with piercing solos and unlikely improvisations that echoed his aforementioned debut from 1965, an icebreaker album that would help establish Collins as the guitar pioneer he is painted as today. Albert Collins was eventually acknowledged as one of the most talented and distinctive blues guitarists of his era. With unconventional tunings, savage interludes and a scorching delivery, he would earn recognition with his unique brand of blues. A true homage to the phenomenal blues legend is represented in this beautifully packaged edition, boasting the original, re-mastered FM broadcast in it's entirety, further celebrating the unique, improvisational depth of a true blues giant. Background liner notes included.

1.1 Thaw Out
1.2 Cant You See What Youre Doing
1.3 Gonna Walk with You Baby
1.4 Get Down
1.5 Frosty
1.6 Conversation with Collins (Part One)
1.7 Conversations with Collins (Cont)
1.8 Back Stroke
1.9 Stormy Monday
1.10 Instrumental
1.11 Encore

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