Alea Jacta Est

Alea Jacta Est: Vae Victis

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Artist: Alea Jacta Est

Artist: Alea Jacta Est
Title: Vae Victis
Product Type: VINYL LP

France's Metalcore Machine is back with their second full length album! For Fans of: Strife, Terror, and Stick To Your Guns.

1.1 A Sword Called Revenge
1.2 From Silence I Rise
1.3 Bullets Are Loud
1.4 2 Words 1 Finger
1.5 Row
1.6 Hostility
1.7 Harder Than Nails
1.8 #Gofuckyourself
1.9 Your Silence Is Our Defeat
1.10 Nothing Calls Me Back Home
1.11 No Pain No Gain

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