Alex Maksymiw

Alex Maksymiw: Dreamer

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Artist: Alex Maksymiw

Artist: Alex Maksymiw
Title: Dreamer

'While a studio recording would have provided different shades in ?Brownian Motion', the Live Recording offers quite a lovely texture. For example, the completely improvised suite entitled "The Sunflower Seed and the Monster" all the instruments are brought to the heart of contemporary audio chaos, at which point the guitar rises from this chaos to and creates beautiful melodies in the spirit of Bill Frisell" Yuriy Linorgadskiy Jazz. Ru Recorded Live after a tour through Eastern Europe in 2010, 'The Dreamer' is the first release from guitarist Alex Maksymiw. The album features 4 different compositions which differ conceptually, share a common style.

1.1 First Impressions
1.2 The Sunflower Seed and the Monster
1.3 The Dreamer
1.4 On the Spot

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