Alex Poeppel: Moods & Colors

Alex Poeppel: Moods & Colors
Title: Moods & Colors
Label: CD Baby

Alex Poeppel is a 19 year old New York City based songwriter and performer who is making his entrance into the music scene with his debut Moods & Colors. Born in Boston in 1994, Alex has since lived numerous places including Berlin, San Francisco, and Maryland. Moods & Colors, which features eight original compositions and one cover, is reflective of Poeppel's experience growing up. Many different genres of music are presented in this album, and each composition is a reflection of a different environment. Features include legendary trumpet player Nate Birkey, sax player Tim Otto, and the voices of Tess Schuit and Jake Cannavale. In addition to playing almost every instrument on the album, Poeppel also recorded and mixed the entire project. Listen to Moods & Colors today!

1.1 Super Sticky Purple Slurp
1.2 Just Friends
1.3 Cinnamon Girl
1.4 Maybe
1.5 Breakdown
1.6 Let Me Be
1.7 To Dream You're in a Forest
1.8 Savior
1.9 The End

Alex Poeppel: Moods & Colors

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