Alex Snydman: Fortunate Action

Alex Snydman: Fortunate Action
Title: Fortunate Action
Label: CD Baby

In 2003 Alex Snydman made a surprising yet decisive switch from guitar to drums during his senior year at Hampshire College. Since that time, Alex has sought out a veritable who's who of modern jazz drummers to study with. This list includes Eric Harland, Gregory Hutchinson, John Riley, Bob Gullotti, Joe La Barbera, and Damion Reid. Mentor and close friend Eric Harland comments. "Alex really embodies the spirit we call Love. He's proven that it's never too late to pursue your dreams...his dedication and character have always impressed me and he's climbing the ladder fast!" Alex has performed at major jazz clubs and festivals on the East and West Coasts as a leader and as a sideman, sharing the stage with Grammy Winner Charles Neville, Avery Sharpe, Joe Sanders, Felipe Salles, Miro Sprague, Tatum Greenblatt, Geoff Vidal, Chris Pattishall, Carl Clements, and many more. Alex's most recent project is his newly released debut album as a band leader entitled, Fortunate Action featuring three of his closest piano associates, Chris Pattishall (Piano 1,5,6), Doug Abrams (Piano 2,3,8,9), and Miro Sprague (piano 4,7). Alex states, "I really wanted to capture an accurate synthesis of my time in Massachusetts that truly honored the various groups I have been a part of." Alex further explains, "Fortunate Action is really a term that to me symbolizes the positive ripples that echo out when we listen to our inner voice. Sometimes this intuition we are all imbued with is telling us to make a difficult decision, but it seems that it is always directing us towards a path of Love." Eric Harland reflects on Fortunate Action by saying "this album has a warmth, thoughtfulness, group vibe, and cohesion that's refreshing...a very emotionally gratifying album, a thoughtful and impressive debut." Snydman is currently pursuing his Masters in Jazz Performance at The California Institute of the Arts while living in Los Angeles. His bi-coastal influences are culminated in this exciting debut release, which truly does impart Fortunate Action. ''The music moves through grooves, time signatures and emotions - the overall mood is one of joyful introspection and expectation. Snydman's drumming is impressionistic and fluid. He paints rhythms and textures the music percussively, ever exploring the creative boundaries and emotional potential of the music.'' - John Power (Jazz Fan's Review from 'I've been listening to Alex Snydman and most of the musicians who appear with him on Fortunate Action for the past ten years, and it's a delight to hear them now on this well-balanced debut that combines originals and songs by Herbie Hancock and Billy Strayhorn. Alex impressed me upon our first meeting as a young man infused with a passion for jazz, and I could tell by the drummers he sought out and studied with (Eric Harland, Greg Hutchinson, John Riley, among others) that he was serious about learning how to create music, not just develop chops, and that's beautifully-realized on Fortunate Action. The same can be said for Snydman's colleagues, pianists Miro Sprague, Doug Abrams, and Chris Pattishall, bassists Alec Derian and Tyler Heydolph, and saxophonist Carl Clements, all of whom enliven this disc much as they do the bandstands of Western New England and beyond.' Tom Reney Producer/Host/Blogger Jazz a la Mode New England Public Radio Amherst, Mass. 01003.

1.1 In Joy
1.2 Cross-Fade
1.3 One for Elegua
1.4 Fortunate Action
1.5 Star Crossed Lovers
1.6 Tell Me a Bedtime Story
1.7 Wise Mind
1.8 Non Linear
1.9 Eternal Recurrence

Alex Snydman: Fortunate Action

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