Alexa Woodward

Alexa Woodward: Might Night

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alexa Woodward

Title: Might Night
Label: CD Baby

Might Nigh is an Appalachian English phrase meaning 'almost' or 'very nearly'. The songs on this record are inspired by adventures in the Blue Ridge mountains. 'Might Nigh is essential listening in today's Americana and folk scene. Inventive instrumentation compliments Woodward's smooth voice and poignant lyrics, transporting the listener to a world of beauty. At the same time her skilled banjo lines keep the songs rooted in the familiar sounds of America. ' - Jen Hitt, host of Capital Americana on WAMU.

1.1 Way on
1.2 Nightjar
1.3 Die Happy
1.4 Eli
1.5 One Man Band
1.6 Jack of the Moon
1.7 Kingfisher Flew
1.8 No Stars
1.9 I Wake
1.10 Sure to Call
1.11 Blue Ridge
1.12 Sylvia

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