Alexander Hacke

Alexander Hacke: Sanctuary

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alexander Hacke

Title: Sanctuary
Label: Koolarrow Records

'Sanctuary', Hacke's debut CD as solo artist, is the lovechild of his creative affair with some of the most disturbingly fertile minds in the music scene, a collection of tracks that were recorded and assembled over a two year period, made while travelling throughout Europe and North America. Armed with a portable recording setup, he collected sound pieces from a wide variety of musicians. These sonic 'keepsakes' were then filtered, processed, and assembled back home in Berlin in order to build his musical sanctuary, and ultimately this CD. The end result is an artistic statement that resonates on many levels; it is haunting, sinister, beautiful, as well as irreverent-but always powerful. Hacke infuses improbable textures into highly musical arrangements, conventional sounds into visions of morbid beauty, pain, poetry and wisdom. That familiar sensibility is still there, and Neubauten fans will not be disappointed. Featuring members of Einsturzende Neubauten, Swans, Jesus Lizard, Foetus, Unsane & more. Koolarrow Records. 2005.

1.1 Minnie and Me
1.2 Sister
1.3 Love Me Love My Dog
1.4 Sonntag
1.5 Sanctuary
1.6 Yours Truly
1.7 Seven
1.8 Per Sempre Butterfly
1.9 All American Happy Hour
1.10 Sugarpie
1.11 Brush/Throat
1.12 [Untitled Hidden Track]

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