Alfonso Medela

Alfonso Medela: Seven Colours

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alfonso Medela

Title: Seven Colours
Label: CD Baby

The title of this album makes reference to a magical number: the number days of the week whose names come from seven heavenly bodies, seven deadly sins, the seven lives of a cat, seven seas, seven musical notes, the seven colours of the rainbow and an endless array of other things. Curiously enough, this work presents seven themes that are dealt with from a wide range of colours, based on the trio format and in three themes with arrangements for seven musicians. The title seems to be justified because of the song I wrote thinking about my daughter Iris, to whom I dedicate this work. In so far as the musical content of this album, it would be worth mentioning, first of all, that the objective of the stylistic intention of the work is not to categorise this compendium of themes within a specific style, as if we were dealing with Latin jazz; the reason behind this being that, although feeding off the roots of Cuban music, jazz and classic central European music, it would not be fair to bother the most purist or knowledgeable experts, given that the objective I was aiming to achieve was a collage, whose common denominator is the universal language: music. The result of this is an eclectic album which could walk hand in hand with the versatility of the musicians who participated in it, because each and every one of them has soaked up different musical cultures and styles, providing an extremely wide panoramic from a performance point of view. The trumpet player Carlos Puig, a Cuban living in Miami, the saxophone tenor player Segundo Mijares, also from Cuba and Víctor Correa, the trombonist from Segovia, make up a unique brass trio with enormous versatility. Another first-rate trio is made up by a Dutchman living in Spain, Diego, by Héctor Rojo from Zamora and by Jesús Prieto "Piti" from Ávila; they are able to fill the bass with a wide range of sonorous colours, providing the necessary weight to generate groove. Besides, the virtuosity on the guitar demonstrated by Diego and Piti respectively infuses their bass performances with elegance. Finally, the percussion groundwork is held up by two musicians of the utmost importance: the Venezuelan living in Caracas, Miguel Hernández "Papito", a great connoisseur of Latin percussion, and the Uruguayan drum player, Carlos Carli, a true living legend of this instrument. They provide the necessary support for the rhythmic base with a praiseworthy subtlety that does not draw attention away from the overall musical discourse. This blend of musical points of view generates a palette of colours that enriches the work without letting it ever lose the unity which is necessary in a group. This album contains three themes that were born of some very special feelings: To my mother, the one and only, in appreciation of her never-ending support. 'Agasallo' means gift in Galician and I dedicate it to my brother Rodrigo, who is no longer with us but I'm sure he will listen to the album. Seven Colours, dedicated to the most beautiful thing life has given me, my pretty little girl Iris and of course to her mother, Eva. If seven people like this work, well... ONWARDS!

1.1 Latingazo
1.2 Maluco
1.3 A Mi Madre
1.4 Caliente Pa Ti
1.5 Besos Mil
1.6 Montuno y Sabor Latino
1.7 Todo Cambia
1.8 Seven Colours
1.9 Agasallo
1.10 Pa'lante

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