Alice Cooper: The Sound Of A

Alice Cooper: The Sound Of A
Title: The Sound Of A
Label: Earmusic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Alice introduced "The Sound of A"-a song he'd written in '67, long forgotten and now finally recorded-on his 2017 "Paranormal" album. Cooper originally wrote "The Sound of A" in 1967, two years before issuing his debut LP, Pretties for You. The singer had forgotten about the song until original Alice Cooper Band bassist Dennis Dunaway suggested the track for the Paranormal sessions. With it's rippling Hammond organ and arena-sized guitar solos, "The Sound of A" echoes the lightly psychedelic sound of Pink Floyd - though, ironically, the late Eighties era more than the Syd Barrett days. Now, he's got a new music video to go with the song as well as this EP on CD or vinyl: that very psychedelic studio track plus the live-in-Columbus performances "The Black Widow," "Public Animal #9," "Is It My Body" and "Cold Ethyl." Get out your jet-black makeup and spin your copy of the new Alice Cooper! Earmusic.

1.1 The Sound of a
1.2 The Black Widow
1.3 Public Animal #9
1.4 Is It My Body
1.5 Cold Ethyl

Alice Cooper: The Sound Of A

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