Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper: The Sound Of A

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Artist: Alice Cooper

Artist: Alice Cooper
Title: The Sound Of A

2018 EP from the iconic shock rocker. The title track, "The Sound Of A", is lifted from Alice's 2017 album Paranormal. The song has a special meaning; it is in fact the first song that Alice Cooper wrote entirely on his own back in 1967. The song was forgotten until Dennis Dunaway, the bass player of the original Alice Cooper band, rediscovered it and played it to Alice, after which the two of them updated the song and then recorded it for the Paranormal album. With it's psychedelic sound, swirling guitars and the mysterious Hammond organ, it is one of the most hypnotic songs on Paranormal. This release features the title track plus four live tracks.

1.1 The Sound of a
1.2 The Black Widow
1.3 Public Animal #9
1.4 Is It My Body
1.5 Cold Ethyl

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