Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains: Jar of Flies

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Artist: Alice in Chains

Artist: Alice in Chains
Title: Jar of Flies
Product Type: VINYL LP

This limited edition 180 gram audiophile double vinyl set contains three sides of music. JAR OF FLIES features 12 tracks, including songs such as "I Stay Away," "No Excuses," "Right Turn" and more!

1.1 Rotten Apple
1.2 Nutshell
1.3 I Stay Away
1.4 No Excuses
1.5 Whale ; Wasp
1.6 Pistol of Fire
1.7 Milk
1.8 The Bucket
1.9 Brother
1.10 Got Me Wrong
1.11 Right Turn
1.12 Am I Inside
1.13 Love Song

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